I. art director/curator and founder
déjà vu magazine

II. art director/ lead research and studio manager
bienvenue projets

III. reelance image maker, based in paris

contact: imiggy.d@gmail.com

proêmes reading club paris
marc ascoli
ellen von unwerth
martine sitbon . rev__
patrick rémy studio
crash magazine
wonderland magazine . deva cassel
von magazine . pamela anderson

I am as Parisian as Baudelaire's spleen and idéal, my personal work embodies contrasting emotions. It is a raw collage, daringly minimalist, embracing imperfection and deconstruction. A paradoxical creation. I draw inspiration from cinema, music, art, and poetry, crafting a visual expression that echoes like a boomerang.


With 7 years of professional training in fashion image-making, I have honed a diverse skill set. This has allowed me to cultivate a distinctive visual identity, sharpen my analytical abilities, and nurture sensitivity that seamlessly adapts to the essence of fashion houses, designers, artists, and projects. As an image art director, I excel at crafting comprehensive visual communication. From conceptualization and meticulous research, to the development of creative strategies, the production, and finally, the realization and activation of projects—be it in print, digital, social, or physical mediums—I can take charge of every aspect from A to Z.