2022 editor-in-chief / creative director of DÉJÀ VU MAGAZINE (coming soon)

ad + graphic design + photography
(styling, editing, production, film, casting talents, copywriting) 


master graduation project: maquette 0
to a team project coming soon in 2023

DÉJÀ VU is an enclave within an enclave, a convergence in flux, a manifested movement towards rupture. A publication with a raison d'être, a catalytic impulse to initiate a movement that resonates throughout a multiplicity of mediums. A congregation of emerging and obscured Parisian talents: code-breakers and nostalgic visionaires bound by their own singular visions, passions and instinctive urge to move away from the production and distribution circuit to activate a space of free flow creation - artistic experimentation. We want to revitalise the cultural Parisian scene, subverting industry convention. To create a bridge between emerging talents, shattering the gap between young artists and fashion professionals. A restless mood brings together the voices of the issue through the prism of visual art.

MAQUETTE 0 - 2022