based in paris

art direction
graphic design


06 10 33 77 59

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 As Parisian as the
spleen and idéal de Paris of Baudelaire,
my work is full of contrasts and emotions.
It is a raw collage of bold minimalism,
a deconstruction with no perfection. A paradox.
C’est comme un boomerang of inspiration
that I dissect from cinema, music, art and poetry.
And express it through the prism of visual art. 

After 6 years of professional training in fashion
image-making, it has allowed me to intensify my skills, acquire a stronger visual identity and sensibility that
I can adapt to the DNA of fashion brands, designers
and other artists.

artistic direction (photography, video), visual identity (branding, typography), editorials (print and digital media), visual merchandising and fashion show, stage and window design.